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Proposals approved during 20th BoD meeting held in virtual mode on 8 May 2023

  1. Bhutan Echoes: Drukyul's Literature Festival 2023 (formerly Mountain Echoes)

Proposals approved during 19th BoD meeting held in hybrid mode on 3 September 2021

  1. Bhutan Echoes: Drukyul’s Literature Festival 2022 (formerly Mountain Echoes)

Proposals approved during 18th BOD meeting held in Thimphu, June 2019

  1. Cultural Exchange Programme to New Delhi by Alpana
  2. Global Citizens: ‘Partnership with Educational Institutions of India
  3. V Series of India-Bhutan Tennis Championship, 2019
  4. Fashion Show in Thimphu using local fabrics of Bhutan and Khadi
  5. Mountain Echoes Literary Festival 2019
  6. Restoration of Ajanta Painting Exhibition
  7. India-Bhutan Youth Summit

Proposals approved during 17th BOD meeting held in Guwahati, December 2017

  1. Awareness of Disabilities with Fund Raising Show
  2. 4th series of India-Bhutan Friendship Tennis championship 2017
  3. Translation of the Dzongkha version and publication of 'Padmasambhava of Uddiyana – Odisha’
  4. India-Bhutan Twenty 20 Friendship Trophy
  5. Musical trip to Dimapur, Nagaland
  6. The commemorative car Rally 2018
  7. Promotion of sports and indigenous games in Bhutan - Indigenous Sports Festival
  8. Cottage Enterprise for Paper & Textile Recycling
  9. Educational Exchange Programme between Druk School, Thimphu and Riverside School, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  10. Mountain Echoes Literary Festival 2018
  11. Development Dialogue and Exhibition of Tarayana women entrepreneurs products
  12. Two training workshops submitted by South Asian University
  13. India-Bhutan Friendship Archery Tournament

Projects Funded by IBF: Outcome of the 16th BoD meeting held at Thimphu on 3rd February, 2017

  1. A film on "A Tale of Unique Bond of Friendship between India and Bhutan”
  2. Domestic Cricket Development:The Board approved Rs./Nu.15,00,000/-.
  3. "Stepping Stones " -The Board approved Rs./Nu.10,00,000/- to conduct the workshops in four bordering towns of Samdrup Jongkhar, Nganglam, Gelephu and Samtse. 
  4. Purchase Training Equipment for Students in Draktsho- (Thimphu and Draktsho East).The Board approved Rs./Nu.3,20,000/-.
  5. "To celebrate the 50th Indo-Bhutan Friendship" proposal by the Blind Music Training Centre of Bhutan-The Board approved Rs./Nu.6,90,000/-. 
  6. Exhibit and Sales at Dastkar Nature Bazaar”- The Board approved Rs./Nu.4,89,900/-
  7. To attend International Cleft Congress -The Board approved Rs./Nu. 1,55,800/-.
  8. "Folklore Collection and Study Program in Bhutan"- The Board approved Rs./Nu. 3,10,000/-
  9. "Cottage Enterprise for Paper & Textile Recycling -A Climate Smart Livelihood for Women Empowerment in Bhutan"- The Board approved initial funding of Rs./Nu. 5,00,000/- and the full project to be considered in the next meeting. A fresh proposal may be sought. 
  10. "Exchange Study Tour" proposal from Bumthang Women's Group, C/o Bumthang Women's Association -The Board approved Rs./Nu. 4,85,000/-. 
  11. Mountain Echoes 2017-The Board approved Rs./Nu.30, 00,000/-.
  12. "Workshop on Odissi Classical Dance and Collaborative Performance in Bhutan"The Board approved Rs./Nu. 7,00,000/;-.,
  13. "Indo-Bhutan Summer Youth Interaction Art Camp at Draktsho Vocational Training Institute, Kanglung 2017" The Board approved Rs./Nu. 4,26,500/-.
  14. III Series of India-Bhutan Friendship Tennis Championship 2017 - The Board approved Rs./Nu. 10,00,000/-. 
  15. Bhutanese Film Festival in Sikkim- The Board approved Rs./Nu.5,00,000/- for the proposal.

Projects Funded by IBF: Outcome of the 15th BoD meeting held at New Delhi on 4th December, 2015

  1. Stepping Stone - a workshop/training programme designed by Institute of Management Studies, Thimphu
  2. Film Fraternity Field Visit - An initiative of Bhutan Film Association, Thimphu
  3. Workshop on "Techniques in Physiological Sciences for SAARC Nations"
  4. Printing The Book "The Bodhisattva King" by Mr. Tshering Tashi of Bhutan Publishing House 
  5. Bhutan Cultural Festival at Bangalore, India
  6. India-Bhutan Cultural Exchange & Art Camp by Centre for Escalation of Peace
  7. 2nd India-Bhutan Friendship Tennis Championship, 2016 by Bhutan Tennis Federation
  8. To assist in setting up the Office of South Asia Foundation 
  9. SAARC Festival of Literature
  10. "Exposing Bhutanese youth to Indian Performing Art" organized by Ms. Paulami Guha
  11. Mountain Echoes Literary Festival 2016 by Siyahi
  12. " Buddhist Cultural Pluralism in South Asia" The Board approved./Nu. 5,34,000/;-

Projects Funded by IBF: Outcome of the 14th BoD meeting held at Thimphu on 11th March, 2014

  1. Mountain Echoes 2015 by SIYAHI
  2. Sports for All- India Bhutan Friendship Tennis Championship
  3. Outdoor Gym in Thimphu, Bhutan
  4. Participation at SAMBHAV 2015 by DPAB 
  5. Exhibition cum Sale at Dastkar by Tharpa Tashi, Trongsa
  6. Empowerment: Shades of Togetherness
  7. Shuttle Time- Technical Training on Badminton
  8. Release of Music Video for the 60th Birth Anniversary of His Majesty, The Fourth King 
  9. Skill and Know How Initiative for Lifelong Leadership Development (SKILLD)
  10. Production of an Audio- Visual Cassette by Ayang School

Projects Funded by IBF: Outcome of the 13th BoD meeting held at New Delhi on 19th December, 2013

  1. Mountain Echoes 2014 by SIYAHI
  2. Evoke 2014 by Sulabh School Sanitation Club
  3. Early Learning Center, Thimphu’s participation at the “Be the Change Conference and Global Partners’ Meet” in India
  4. Support for Printing & Designing Training for Special Children and Youth by Draktsho Vocational Training Center for Special Children & Youth
  5. Participation at SAMBHAV 2014 by DPAB
  6. Purchase of Library Books for Youth Resource Center at Mongar
  7. Purchase of Musical Instruments for Youth Resource Center at Mongar
  8. Visit of two eminent Indian speakers to Thimphu to be organised by CBS & GNHR
  9. Lecture & Demonstration of Odissi Dance at Thimphu by Ms. Paulami Guha
  10. Jigme Dorji Wangchuck Traditional Archery Tournament 2014 by BIGSA

Projects funded by the IBF: Outcome of the 12th BoD meeting of the IBF held in Thimphu on 29th May, 2013

  1. Study Tour of the Bhutanese Women Weavers from Bumthang, Bhutan,
  2. Special Education at Non-Formal Education Centers by YDF, Bhutan,
  3. Youth Success workshop by YDF, Bhutan,
  4. Jigme Dorji Wangchuck Memorial Archery Tournament 2014 by BIGSA, Bhutan,
  5. Shades of Togetherness by NGO Empowerment, New Delhi, India,
  6. Orientation Programme of ILCS, Taktse at Puducherry ILC, Tamil Nadu, India,
  7. Production of documentary on Zungdra by Dangsel Media, Bhutan,
  8. CBS proposal for inviting two eminent Indians for a Lecture in 2013,
  9. Support to CBS for research work for writing a book on India Bhutan Development Partnership, Bhutan,
  10. Funding support to Tarayana for visit of an 8-member delegation of Bhutanese crafts people to the South Asia Exhibition at Dastkar Nature Bazaar, New Delhi

Projects funded by the IBF: Outcome of the 11th BoD meeting of the IBF held in New Delhi on 18th and 19th October 2012

  1. Participation in SAMBHAV, 2013 by DPAB, Thimphu,
  2. Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Archery Tournament by BIGSA, Thimphu,
  3. Mountain Echoes- a Literary Festival by Siyahi, Jaipur (India),
  4. All Bhutan School Quiz Competition by India House Club, Phuentsholing,
  5. Textile Exhibition of Bhutan in Delhi by Textile Museum, MHCA, Thimphu,
  6. Live Music Performance on 17th December 2012 at RBE, New Delhi by two bands from Bhutan.

Projects considered for implementation under IBF fund: Outcome of 10th BoD held at Thimphu on 16th March 2012

  1. Participation in SAMBHAV 2012, India
  2. Mountain Echoes-A literary Festival to be organized by SIYAHI, Jaipur, India
  3. Indo Bhutan Friendship Car Rally, Thimphu, Bhutan
  4. India House Club- Quiz competition, Phuenstholing Bhutan
  5. Leadership Programme, GLEF, India
  6. Indo Bhutan Artist Camp, Thimphu, Bhutan
  7. Special Education at Non formal Education Centre, YDF, Thimphu Bhutan
  8. BIFA activities in six Chapters in Bhutan
  9. Second round of GNH Seminar in Shimla, India
  10. Holding Exhibition “Through Lens of Time” in other Dzongkhags, Bhutan
  11. BIGSA – Jigme Dorji Wangchuk Memorial National Traditional Archery Tournament 2012, April – May 2012

Projects funded by the IBF: Outcome of the 9th BoD Meeting held at Jaipur on 21-23 January 2011.

  1. Mountain Echoes 2011, A Literary Festival organized by SIYAHI, Jaipur, India
  2. Exhibition “Through the Lens of Time- Glimpses of Unseen Images of Bhutanese Monarchs” Royal Office for Media, Thimphu
  3. Participation at South Asian Film Festival in Goa
  4. 4th India Bhutan Friendship Car Rally
  5. System study by reputed firm in India for establishing Bhutanese Film Foundation, MPAB
  6. Treasure of BIGSA-Conduct of Traditional Archery
  7. Leadership Programme of GELF
  8. 8th South Asian Economist Meet 2011, Ramjas College, New Delhi
  9. Participation at Bookaroo Children’s Literature Festival 2011, Delhi


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